5 Classic Pies to Make for Mother's Day

Isn't it about time you turn the tables and cook for mom on her one special day? There's nothing that says, "Mom - you're awesome," like a handmade, lovingly crafted dessert. Out of all the sweets in all the world, there are none made with more love than a homey pie, so take this list and get to work.

1) Key Lime Pie

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Don't fret if you're in Wisconsin, where a key lime doesn't stand a chance, just grab a bottle of key lime juice, a few eggs, condensed milk and some graham crackers. Instead of topping with heavy whipped cream, like most recipes, try your hand at meringue, like my mother-in-law Gayle Ambrose does. Promise you'll be pleasantly surprised. Substitute lemon juice for key lime, and have yourself a lemon meringue pie instead.

6 Condiments That Never Seem to Leave the Fridge

Usually found in the isolated refrigerator door, these hangers-on seem to magically refill themselves and continually remain a part of the kitchen repetoire. Most likely containing a thin bottom layer of the original contents, they will not go away until you tire of their presence and toss them ceremoniously in the trash.

1) Mustard

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How often have you had the "I wonder if we have mustard" thought while shopping for hot dog components? Followed soon after by the "I'll buy some just in case; it's so cheap after all," thought, the mustard duplication efforts end with a stockpile in your fridge when one is opened before the other has run out. Bonus for the crusty dried stuff at the top of the squirt bottle staring at you every time you build a ham sandwich.

Worthy Additions to "6 Edible Anthropormorphic Icons"

7) Aqua Teen Hunger Force

In our haste, we forgot to add the hippest edible food icons from Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Master Shake, Meatwad (our favorite, of course) and Frylock are a giant milkshake, hamburger patty and container with French Fries, respectively. These three, often unlovable, characters battle everything from pixelated aliens to their ornery neighbor, Carl Brutananadilewski. Consider these three "freaks" - as Carl often refers to them - a worthy number 7 to Wednesday's list.

8) Flying Spaghetti Monster

This addition belongs to a deity unlike any other; the Flying Spaghetti Monster. When we were first touched by his noodly appendage, we knew Pastafarian would be the one and only true religion for our love of pasta.

6 Edible Anthropomorphic Icons

Food, come alive! Do we eat them, or listen to what they have to say? You decide.

1) Mayor McCheese

A mayor with a delectable cheeseburger for a head, Mayor McCheese's election was based solely on his cholesterol content. He now has his own Facebook page , complete with over 2,000 "likes." Tight polyester pants and Mayor McCheese - the two most influential things to emerge from the 70's.

10 Classic Southern Dishes

The South is known for rich comfort food, hospitality and warm character. These are some tasty vittles that have made their way up the entire country, but are still considered Southern classics.

1) Black-eyed Peas

Flickr: nep
The famous dish known as Hoppin John features these traditional Southern legumes, which are usually simmered with bacon or ham hocks and mixed with white rice. Watch for these on every Southern table come New Year's Day.

8 Annoying Food Descriptions

Flickr: StarbuckGuy
​Are you guilty of utilizing these words/phrases to describe that tantalizing cake you made last week? To rave about that incredible new restaurant that opened recently? Well, if you have, you're annoying, and we want you to stop.

1) Nom Nom Nom

To people who use this recently coined term to describe how much you liked your meal: Are you related to Cookie Monster? What does this mean, exactly? Is it an onomatopoeia? Lastly, what the hell is wrong with you?

10 Strangely Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Collapsible Roasting Pan
(image credit:Taylor Gifts)

Roasting pans take up too much room, but Foldtuk Silicone 3-in-1 Collapsible Roaster lets you cook, serve and store food all in the one container. Features "fold and tuck" technology that expands 9" high for cooking or flattens to 3" for storage. It can hold up to a 20-lb turkey or roast at temperatures up to 500°F. It's on sale for $39.99.

10 Classic Egg Dishes

Unless you're hiding under a rock, you've probably realized that Easter is rapidly descending upon us. While we learned yesterday that eggs are so much more than a breakfast food, today we reminisce about all the classic food made with our yolk-sy friends. Did your favorite 'crack' the list?

1) Deviled Eggs

Flickr: stevendepolo
​Oh, how ironic that Satan should come up in a list that is resurrected for a Christian holiday, but nonetheless, these tasty treats are sinfully delicious (but only if our mom makes them).

Fun Egg Art & Other Eggceptional Uses Besides Cooking

Fun Egg Art

(image credits: blueblots)

As we think of the turkey wanting to run and hide before Thanksgiving, so might the egg before Easter. This collection of fun and clever egg art has nothing to do with Easter egg decorating. The artists drew creative faces on the eggs for your entertainment. However, there are many unusual uses for eggs other than drawing on them for art or decorating them for Easter.

Tiger Woods' Favorite Road Meals

Flickr: Jefferson Bernades
In learning about Tiger Wood's discerning taste in women after the infamous Thanksgiving car accident, we also learned many things about his taste in restaurants. As Tiger returns to the golf spotlight amidst a swarm of guaranteed media frenzy, we assume some of his favorite meals to eat out were among the following...

1) Mammoth Muffin

Nope, it's not a euphemism for something more sinister, but the name of a large muffin served at the popular breakfast-oriented chain, Perkins. A regular breakfast customer, along with the rest of his family, Tiger allegedly met waitress and mistress Mindy Lawton there. Classy.