Restaurants Charging for Tap Water

San Francisco's Millennium Restaurant, like several other restaurants across the country has started charging for water. Regular tap water is no longer an option, and a $1 charge per person is being assessed for what would normally be a complimentary part of the meal most diners simply take for granted. Even if times are tough, this sort of nickel and diming seems like a cheap move.

The restaurant's website positions the charge as a simple offset of a new filtration system, stating:

In a concerted effort to reduce recycling waste, combat high fuel charges & offer our guests an uncompromisingly high quality of drinking water, we now serve water through a Natura Tap Water Filtration System and no longer offer imported bottled mineral water. A charge of $1/seated guest affords an endless supply of fresh carbon & UV filtered water served chilled, room temperature or sparkling. Just tell us your preference.

So at least the $1 water you're getting with your meal is being all prettied up for you. However, are people really willing to deal with these type of minute charges when they're already going to be shelling out a decent amount of money at an upscale restaurant? Personally, I'd rather pay an extra dollar or two for my meal and never know the cost of my water was being rolled into the total. At least that way I'd never know I was paying for something I'm used to getting for free.