Food Fight Challenge: Digg vs. Reddit vs. Twitter

Social media sites, there are many of them, but there is one definite common denominator to all. We all need food; we love it and can't live without it. We take a look at a new arena where no one knew there would be a competition to see who is the most passionate about their social media community. We all need food, but true fans bring their love of social media into the kitchen. This opens a new challenge between web communities in which these highly engaged social media sites can battle it out to see who is the best.

There is great power within social media, and these three extremely passionate communities cannot be ignored. There has long been a rivalry between the Digg and Reddit audiences. Twitter is the relative, yet powerful, newcomer to the arena. Here is a quick trip through the candy shop: cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Then there are the mushrooms and even bacon in a search of food tributes from fans. This week's food fight is Digg vs. Reddit vs. Twitter...

Taking on the 6-Pound Burrito

On Friday of last week, the Las Vegas Sun featured an article touting the gargantuan six-pound B3 burrito at the Saharas NASCAR Cafe. Like so many food challenges before it, the burrito is free to those who can conquer the beast. Unfortunately, of the 278 people to attempt it, all but 4 have had to pony up $20 in order to cover the hefty price-tag that comes with ordering a two-foot long burrito.

The story chronicles one courageous (or foolish) man who attempts to accomplish what only 4 people have been able to do. Without giving too much away, it ends pretty much the way anyone who's familiar with statistics would expect, and you can see from the picture below, there's still a whole lot of burrito left on that plate.

Steve Marcus, Las Vegas Sun
A defeated Steve Miller holds up the triumphant two-thirds of the mighty burrito.

Charles Barkley Attempts The Bread Challenge

The challenge sounds simple enough, all you need to do is eat a single piece of bread in under 30 seconds. At the prompting of Chris Webber, and a promise of $5,000 if he was able to successfully complete the challenge, Charles Barkley decided to give it the old college try.

For some reason this seems more like the sort of thing you'd see guys egging each other on to attempt in a middle school cafeteria, rather than on live television. However, when grown men decide to act like kids on national TV, the winner is almost always the American viewing public.

40 Pizza Rolls in a Little Under 4 Minutes

It's hard to say whether this is an impressive display of determination or a tragic example of American excess, but after a couple viewings we're kind of leaning toward the latter. While we applaud the fact that this guy has found something he can excel at, we're definitely concerned for his overall health. It's never a good sign when you're panting before you even start eating, and once the challenge has been completed he's as out of breath as an Olympic sprinter. However, since it sounds like he's taking requests for his next challenge, we're proposing a twenty-minute jog followed by a Vitamin Water.

Actually, scratch the exercise joke, nobody wants to watch that. Instead, let's shoot for a family-size Papa Murphy's Stuffed Pizza in under 10 minutes. That's a challenge we'd pay to see.

Taking on the Naga Jolokia Chili

From the "don't try this at home" files, we found an article courtesy of in which two daring gents take on the hottest chili pepper in the world, the Naga Jolokia. It has a rating in excess of one million Scoville units, making it approximately three times hotter than a habanero (which rates in at a paltry 200 to 300 thousand). Fortunately, there were video cameras there when the courageous duo (read: idiots) decided to down the peppers.

Although the footage pretty much unfolds exactly how you'd expect, with lots of pained grunting and a large consumption of milk, it's still worth watching if for no other reason than to admire the awesome shorts of the guy on the left.

Those shorts might be the only thing more painful than the chili.

The Airliner Bar Dares You to "Catch The Airbus"

In the world of ridiculous eating challenges, we'd like to submit "The Airbus" for your consideration. It's over a pound of ground beef, four strips of bacon, four slices of cheese, and three onion rings on a ciabatta roll, with a side of French fries--of course.

The prize for finishing this behemoth in under 30 minutes is exactly what you'd expect for an achievement of this magnitude. You get a t-shirt.

While it might not be the most difficult food challenge, the "Airbus" still offers a worthy opponent for almost any appetite. And, whether you win or lose, I'd imagine the challenge won't leave you feeling much worse than you did when you started. After all, you're already in Iowa.

Is that all?