Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti Eats 275 Jalapeños in 10 Minutes

What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than by downing an obscene amount of jalapeños? Sure, you could drink margaritas or toss back a few cervezas, but that pales in comparison to snagging first place at the La Costeña Feel the Heat Jalapeño Eating Championship Challenge.

The event took place this past Sunday and turned out to be just as heated as one would expect from a jalapeño challenge. In the end, it was Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti who defeated last year's champion, Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas in a double overtime battle of awesomely nicknamed competitive eaters.

You can marvel at the contestants' double-fisted dining prowess by watching the video below, and get more details on the Jalapeño Eating Championship Challenge at the event's website.

There's no denying that eating 275 jalapeños in 10 minutes is an impressive feat, and despite garnering a nice payday for his efforts, this is definitely a challenge we'll be leaving to the professionals. After all, stuffing your face with peppers might not be dignified, but eating one, sweating profusely, and then silently drinking a beer for the next 9-and-a-half minutes is just plain sad.

May is National Burger Month

Flickr: wEnDaLicious
In the National fill-in-the-blank Month to defeat all other month-long commemorations of foodstuffs, May is upon us in all its burger glory - just in time to fire up the grill.

There are lots of burger month promotions at Smashburger, all of which you can check out on their microsite.

The stoner's paradise, Krystal, is also in on the freebie action, and will be giving away $50 a day to loyal fans on Twitter and Facebook as well as a grand day of festivities on May 27th.

White Castle is offering a Slyder®-scented candle to help raise funds for Autism awareness. Expect a "steam-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions scent" when you purchase one for $10 through the House of Crave store online.

Culver's, home of the ButterBurger, is offering a new variation with barbecue and cheddar to honor National Burger month, complete with an in-house competition between the new burger and their BBQ brisket sandwich.

Food Roundup for May 3

Here's what was being written about today in the world of food and dining news:

Jacob Katel
That sure is a pretty looking dish.

Random Marshmallow Fact

Flickr: Phil Sellens
The actual plant, marsh mallow or althaea officinalis
Thanks to Minute to Win It , the strangely addictive game show on NBC hosted by our favorite food guy, Guy Fieri, we learned that marshmallows aren't a recent food invention.

According to the British lady that does voiceover for the show's minute-long game instructions, pharaohs in ancient Egypt enjoyed these puffy pillows of sugar, although they probably weren't pink, green or jet puffed.

The Campfire Marshmallows website states that close to 4,000 years ago, Egyptians discovered that the sap from the mallow plant, growing in the marshes (hence the name, marsh and mallow combined) could be combined with honey to make a very royal and sweet confection. This ancient marshmallow was reserved for kings and gods, and was the basis for our modern day candy favorite, although gelatin has since replaced the mallow sap.

How Well Do You Know Your Restaurant Slogans?

In our continuing effort to distract people from actual accomplishment and productivity, it's time for another fun food-related quiz from our friends at Sporcle. Today's distraction comes courtesy of a quiz designed to test your knowledge of chain restaurant slogans. And, even if you're the type of person who wouldn't be caught dead in a McDonald's, chances are you can rattle off at least a few of the slogans they've used over the years. So, sit back, minimize your actual work related tabs for a few minutes, and test whether you know your restaurant slogans.

Food Roundup for April 30

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What's in Your Meatball?

Flickr: Stuutje
If you were buying your meatballs from a suspicious couple in Indonesia, it may have been monkey meat. Yes, the flesh from cute little tree dwellers probably ended up in a few bowls of bakso, Indonesian meatball soup.

If the thought of little monkeys floating in your soup isn't bad enough, the monkeys that were poached were a rare species, called Javan Langurs, or silver-leaf monkeys. They are currently protected in Indonesia because of their endangered status.

The couple's excuse to authorities was that beef and chicken are more expensive than poaching endangered monkeys for free.

Maximum prison term for the crime is 5 years, a fine of up to $555 U.S. dollars and a haunted house filled with angry little ghost monkeys for all eternity.

Restaurant Review Extravaganza (Week of April 26th)

Here are some of this week's most noteworthy restaurant reviews from across the country:

Broward-Palm Beach

Café Sharaku

For writers, there are times when, no matter how clear an idea seems in your head, you just can't commit it to paper. Everything comes out as unidentifiable gibberish. It's daunting, especially after having invested hours of time and energy into a piece. But the best thing to do in such a case -- and the hardest -- is to just stop, delete the entire mess, and start over. More >>

John Linn
Café Sharaku's soufflé.

Food Roundup for April 29

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Once a week at most.

'Top Chef Masters' Season 2, Episode 4: Thanks for the Spoiler, Bravo

The last of the preliminary rounds wrapped up last night, with five chefs vying to advance to the semifinals. Competing this time around were Maria Hines (the organic chef), Debbie Gold from St. Louis, Rick Tramonto (a previous Top Chef judge who owned Spike for using frozen scallops), Jody Adams (the one who makes awkward but amusing sex/food analogies), and Susur Lee (the vaguely terrifying chef who was voted one of the best of the millennium).

A gust of wind blows the weightless Kelly Choi into the Top Chef kitchen, and she explains to the contestants that their quickfire challenge is to create a fancy fruit platter that's both delicious and photogenic. She then adds that this is a high stakes quickfire, but instead of getting a $10,000 chip from the M Resort and Casino, this time around the winner will get a fast-track pass to the semifinals.