How Well Do You Know Your Booze?

​Recreational drinkers and alcoholics alike should enjoy this recent quiz from that challenges you to name some of the world's most famous liquor brands. The quiz is actually pretty easy, but (like most Sporcle quizzes) it's a great way to kill a bit of time on a lazy Monday afternoon. The only question is, when you score in the 99th percentile of an alcohol quiz, is that really something you should be proud of?

Weekly Quiz: McDonald's Slogans Through the Years

This week's quiz is all about the golden arches, and we're testing how well you know your McDonald's ad campaigns. We'll provide the slogan, and all you need to do is identify the decade. Since some slogans have popped up several times over the years, we're looking for the original decade in which the slogan was first used. Good luck!

1) You deserve a break today

a) 60s
b) 70s
c) 80s
d) 90s
e) 00s

Weekly Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Failed Food Products?


In honor of the botched Tropicana redesign, this week's quiz is all about failed food products. These 8 questions will test your knowledge of some of the items that came and went before you ever even had a chance to welcome them into your home.

1) In the early 90s, this failed product was launched with the tagline, "You've never seen a taste like this."

a) Crystal Pepsi
b) New Coke
c) Surge
d) RC Signature

Weekly Quiz: Logo Challenge

In this week's quiz we're testing how easily you can identify some of the most well recognized restaurant logos. We've removed the text, and now it's your chance to take a look and see if these restaurants have been successful in burning their brand so deeply into your brain that you just can't not see it.



Weekly Quiz: Is That Vegan?

As you probably know, in their effort to avoid using or consuming anything derived from an animal product, vegans face some pretty intense restrictions on what they can and can't eat. Here's a quick quiz to determine how well you know what is (and is not) an acceptable part of a vegan diet. We'll name the ingredient, and you determine whether it's vegan-friendly. Let's start things off with a freebie:

1) Bacon

a) Completely unacceptable
d) Obviously rules don't apply to bacon

Weekly Quiz: Name That Menu Item

See how well you know your chain restaurant menu items by trying to match up the dish with the restaurant that serves it. These 10 questions will test your knowledge of where you need to go to get the signature dish you're craving. Good luck.

1) Where can you order Moons Over My Hammy?

b) Shari's
c) Denny's
d) Coco's

Weekly Quiz: Taglines, Jingles, and Slogans


Last week we tested your knowledge of celebrity chefs, but this week it's all about how closely you pay attention to advertising. Here's 10 quick questions that test your knowledge of restaurant and fast food taglines, jingles, and slogans from the past 25 years.

How Well Do You Know Your Celebrity Chefs?


From Top Chef to the Food Network, and from network television to Las Vegas fine dining, the world's best chefs have rapidly ascended to celebrity status. Here's a few quick questions to check how well you know your celebrity chefs: